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Tim Ole Hiddessen
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Mika Benedikt Hiddessen
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Computer related

Since you can do many things with computers, I used my machine to render pictures and animations a few years ago. I have a small Raytracing-Gallery of my work online. But the Amiga-Computer I used for calculating became by far to slow for all the jobs. So I switched to a "normal" PC in 1998 - but I had no more time for rendering now...

Radio & Books

I like the Frühstyxradio of radio ffn (it was dropped in 1998, naahhh) and I am a fan of the famous Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - have a look at some of my Hitchhiker pages.

Spaghetti incident

I need to mention the big Spaghetti-Test (german language, only) we made some time ago. Together with a friend I bought all localy available (cheap) spaghetti meals and tested them all within 3 days.

Other stupidities

In 1999 I jumped off a plane - see some pictures of my skydive on a seperate page. And: in 1996 I created a small online translator (the web-trans Dictionary with 500.000 translations per month) which went offline at the end of 2001 (*sniff*).

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Created: 01-Dec-1995
Updated: 30-Oct-2009