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Studies and Projects

I studied computer science at the Clausthal University of Technology and I passed the following examinations very successfully:

  • August 1999: environmental protection technology (recycling I+II, sewage-tech I+II); grade: 1
  • November 1999: mathmatics (stochastic, operations research III/graph-theory); grade: 1
  • February 2000: applied computer science (software engineering & projectmanagement, image-processing); grade: 1
  • April 2000: technical & theoretical computer science (computer technologie & networks, cryptographie); grade: 1
  • December 2000: Diploma-work "Education- and Informationsystem on Stochastics"; grade: 2
  • Final grade: 1

The main focus was applied computer science but I also held seminars about New concepts of multithreaded superscalar CPUs (technical computer science) and Documentation of a flaw in special cryptographic algorithms (theoretical computer science).

My study of environmental protection technology shows that there are computer scientists wich can handle mechanical, chemical und biological processes as well. :-)

On the side of my study I worked at the computing centre of my university (server-administration under Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Linux) for several years and on projects like:

  • Involved at the development (using Informix-database, programming the webinterface & GUI-design) of the german
    Science Information Service for the Press
    [january 1997 to march 1999, state: done]

  • Creation and administration (all-in-one webmaster: programming, organisation & design) of the websites for
    Stiftung Jugend forscht e.V.
    [october 1995 to february 2000, state: done]
    Young Europeans' Environmental Research (YEER)
    [february 1997 to february 2000, state: done]
    Worldwide Young Researchers for the Environment (WYRE)
    [november 1998 to february 2000, state: done]

  • Creation (programming the crawler & GUI-design) and administration of the
    university Search-Engine (first Harvest, later Verity)
    [october 1996 to february 2000, state: done]

  • Creation (programming, collecting vocabulary & GUI-design) the
    Web-Trans Dictionary
    [november 1996 to november 2001, state: discontinued]

  • Creation (programming the crawler, adaption of Harvest and GUI-design) of an
    Aminet Fulltext-Query
    [december 1996 to january 1999, state: discontinued]

  • Administration of the
    university FTP-servers, Amiga area
    (sure, I still have my own AMIGA page)
    [1994 to february 2000, state: done]

  • Created website for the land surveyer company
    Hiddessen, Kupffer Partnerschaft.
    [july 1999, state: done]

  • Created website for a friend (as a birthday present)
    [july 1999, state: done]

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