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Work & Projects

Since 1-march-2001 I am working for Messe Frankfurt (Frankfurt Fair). I started as Inter-/Intranet Specialist, who was concerned with planing, implementing and administrating the technical backend of all their web-based services (50+ websites hosted on a framework of 30 servers) and worked later as a project-manager for web-based and other services.

Right now I am an IT-Architect (certified ITIL- and Requirement-Engineer) and I am developing solutions on basis of given requirements in the context of web-based services, SAP-systems & Active-Directory/LDAP. This means creating requests for proposals, evaluation and review of system designs of external IT-partners, discovering of security and performance flaws and (last but not least) assuring the quality of the final product. At the same time I frequently act as an inhouse-consultant who guides technicians & non-technicians through the process of creating complex IT-services.

From 1-may-2000 to 28-february-2001, I worked at impiric (one of the biggest dialogue-marketing agencies in the world; now known as Wunderman) as web-developer/programmer (ColdFusion, PHP, Pearl, SQL, JavaScript, Java, etc.).

I started working there while I was still concerned with my diploma work (more information about my studies on computer science) - time is money!

At impiric I managed the following projects:

  • Creating interactive webpages for Ford AG (section environment )
  • Creating web-based games for Ford AG (section 75 years Ford / presents )
  • Contentmanagement for Ford Motorsports (section sports / national )
  • Scoping and concept for a re-build of our own homepage
  • Concept and development of a webbased knowledge-database (ICMT) for an integrated management of client- and supplier-contacts (company-internal use)
  • Concept for a webbased online-ordering-system for the Citibank
  • Further development of the ICMT to handle our New Business as well (europe-wide use)
  • Concept and setup of the development-environment of our New Media department (server und services)
  • Development of interactive webpages for Andersen Consulting
  • Contentmanagement for Red Bull
  • Creating of interactive webpages for Bayer Vital GmbH
  • Contentmanagement for United International Pictures
  • Websitemanagment -optimization for Procter & Gamble
  • Proposal for a contentmanagement-system for the website of the hessischer Landtag based on Allaire Spectra
  • Developing interactive webpages for Andersen Consulting (now known as accenture)
  • Content- and sitemanagement for Ericsson on an international basis

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Created: 22-Jan-2001
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